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We are a cafe serving healthy food and sweet treats in a happy atmosphere. Based on a range of fresh salads, soups and cakes we aim to feed your body and your mind.


We provide safe place where everyone can be themselves without judgement, regardless of age, gender, race, culture, background or disability.

In particular we offer an ambiance, surroundings and activities to promote memories and conversations, particularly for people living with dementia and carers within the community. We provide information about dementia and available support services for anyone who is interested or in need.

Take a look at our memory wall while sipping a coffee.

Browse through our books while you fill up on a healthy meal. Meet new friends while enjoying a cheeky cake.


Please note, staff will not offer diagnosis or opinions on diagnosis, contradict advice from other support services and professionals, or give a view on what is right or wrong for each individual.​ 

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