Creamy coleslaw with

a hint of fennel

Chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, spring onion and basil in a sesame dressing

Dark leaf, avocado, cress and toasted pine-nuts in a lemon dressing

Beetroot, cherry tomatoes, red onion and mint in a balsamic dressing


It's not just for rabbits! Our salads are fresh, tasty and healthy

Beetroot and tarragon in balsamic vinegar

Curried rice

Chopped salad in a lime dressing

Greek salad

Tuscan salad with bow-tie pasta

Chicken, avocado and couscous in a lemon dressing

Quinoa with mango and a lime dressing

Celery, fennel and apple

Chickpeas and kale in a tahini dressing

Marinated tomatoes

French carrot salad

German cucumber salad

Little gem salad in an avocado dressing

Simply beetroot, tomato and mint

Carrot, apple and beetroot slaw

Melon, cucumber, mint and chilli

Creamy tricolor pasta and pepper

Pesto pasta

Beetroot and haloumi salad

Watermelon and radish salad

Beetroot, feta and orange salad

Cowboy salad with corriander

Onion and cucumber pickle

Sweet potato, spinach and feta

Creamy potato salad with mint

Tomato and basil in olive oil

Pasta with broccoli and grape

Roasted lemon salad

Fennel, orange and red onion

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