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Our supporters


'Remember When ...' has been able to become a reality with thanks to 141 people who kindly donated cash via a crowdfunding campaign. We will always be grateful and aim to make everyone proud of being part of something special in Sheffield. 14 of these people chose to donate anonymously, I would like thank these and the following people for their support  - 

Alison Roy, Amy Clare, Amy May, Andy Bell, Andy Chapman, Aneta Piekut, Angela Eddy, Angela Hill, Ann Topliss, Anna Guyatt, Anya Fox, Anya Rayner, Bea Brunton, Beci Oldfield, Belinda Black, Brenda Bartles, Brenda Steel,

Brian Nake, Carol Sheldon, Carmen Galvan de la Cruz, Cath Holborn,

Catherine Annabel, Charles Pattie, Charlotte Taylor, Chris Pattisson,

Cora Spellman, Dan Olner, Daniel Blackburn, David Eddy, Deborah Sockett, Derek White, Elena Gonzalez-Polledo, Emma Beattie-Edwards,

Gabrielle Latham, Gaynor Hague, Geoff Smith, Gill, Tait, Gill Valentine,

Guy Bennett, Gwilym Pryce, Helen Best, Helen Garner,

Ian Richardson, Jackie Marsh, Jane Foggin, Jane Saunders, Janet Eyles,

Jayne Spotswood, Jess Hill, Jo Gregory, Joanna Jenner, Joanna Madey,

Joanne Pocknell, Julie Cook, Julie Ellis, Julie Hurst, Julie K, Julie Smith,

Julie Wright, Kate Chapman, Kate Pahl, Kate West, Kathy Cookson,

Kristina Lomas, Laura Carr, Laura Hogg, Laura Markham-Jones,

Laura Watkins, Lisa Fox, Linda Headford, Lindsey Holroyd, Liz Knight,

Lucy Begley, Lucy Martinez, Mandy Guest, Mark Harrison, Mark Taylor,

Mark Wainwright, Margaret Bennett, Marge Ainsley, Matt Jones,

Matt Wilson, Meng Le Zhang, Meriel Higginson, Michael Laidlaw,

Michael Peacock, Nancy Stuart, Natalie Firth, Natalie Thorpe,

Nicola Newton, Nicola Reilly, Phil Vintin, Rachel Harland, Rachel McAssey, Ralph Blundell, Rob Mills, Rosie Dickson, Ruth Blakey, Sabine Little,

Sam, Sandra Clark, Sara Pates, Sarah McPherson, Sarah Rose, Scott Turner, Sian Thompson, Sophie Burpott, Sue Markham, Sue Robinson, Timothy Birabi, Todd Hartman, Tom Clark, Tracey Barton, Tracey Park-Wilson, Tracy Gore, Tracy Kent, William Hodgkinson


About us

since 2017​


I'd also like to thank the following for providing funding to help us set-up -

Just Act Community Fund

New Enterprise Allowance, Department for Work and Pensions

More thank yous must go to the people who organised and played at a Charity Gig called the Dementia cafe

and raised money to help get me started. They are - 

Burnt Stones, Dan Cornwell, Doctor B, Lynne Scrafton, Shonin, Zoe Cox

Many other people have supported us in other ways such as advising on business set up,

advising on how best to support people living with dementia and carers, brand and logo design, building and DIY help,

and marketing and promotion. I would also like to thank these people -

Alex Gardner, Andrew Spurr, Claire Lawson, David Reid, Eleanor Cheek, Hazel Moss, Helen Crank, Jan Outram, Jane McKeown, 

John Dawson, Jude Alabaster, Kath Horner, Kevin Stallard, Larraine Stallard, Laura Drury, Lindsey Holroyd, Luisa Rabanal, 

Paddy Honan, Pam Daniel, Sarah Smith,Taruna Chuahan 

Finally I'd like to thank the following for helping us move in to our new premises at Hutton Croft and at the Frecheville Community Centre-

Tracey Rogers, Frecheville Community Centre, Mike Stillings, Alison Roy, Curtis Jones, Darren Hughes, Brenda Bartles, Eddie Bartles,

Billy Bartles, Eileen Boam, Karen McGowan, Glyn Hitchen, Ian Wrightson, Sheffield City Council, Ivan, Janice Jennings, Sam Jones,

Tony Clayton, Paul Green, Michael Disney, Seb, Peter Newton, Jason Wiley

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